Dedicated Analytical Solutions

Dedicated Analytical Solutions

FOSS provides rapid, reliable and dedicated analytical solutions for routine control of quality and processing throughout the supply chain for agricultural, food, pharmaceutical and chemical products.

Central Milk Testing
Chemical Analysis
Feed and Forage
Grain and Miling

FOSS is a global partner with more than 120 offices worldwide.

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Solution spotlight

Confidence in Every Batch

Birchwood Foods explains how they use the Meatmaster II has helped them to increase their efficiency, while improving yields and product consistency.

How much can we expect from X-ray fat analysis?

Have you heard about X-ray fat analysis of meat, but still wonder about the real value. This video equips meat producers to make the right choices when acquiring an X-ray solution, including an in-depth look at why accuracy is so important and how just a slight improvement in measurement accuracy can yield thousands of dollars or euros per day.

Case stories

Reduce margin of error to less than 0.5% from specification, resulting in savings of $100,000 per year on average.

After many years of using NIR for quality control, Jonker Petfood in the Netherlands have upgraded to a new state of the art NIR instrument.

Short video from the field shows how rapid tests of forage with NIR can quickly dispatched to farmers via the internet.


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