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Feed and forage

Parameters: Multiple parameters such as Protein, Moisture, Fat, Ash, Amino Acids, Fiber and Starch

For use by: Laboratories and feed producers

Testing volume: Results within a minute, little or no sample preparation – test samples in ground or unground form, for example, direct measurement of pellets.

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NIRS™ DS2500 F Feed Analyser

Take your feed analysis to the next level with NIR

The NIRS™ DS2500 F is a monochromator-based NIR reflectance and transflectance analyser. With a scanning range of 850 – 2500 nm, it gives you stable and reliable results when measuring feed and forage samples in ground or unground form. Team up with FOSS to unleash the true potential of NIR technology.

ProFoss demo

NIRS DS2500 Explained

Nancy Bedore, Application Specialist at Foss, describes how to analyze a sample in the NIRS DS2500, and the technology used to collect the data.

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Make the move to high performance

The compatibility of the FOSS NIRS DS2500 makes it easy to leverage data from System II and XDS units using straightforward transfer paths without any loss of performance. But why is it worth moving on from earlier technology?

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Why take the next step?

NIRS DS2500 Feed Analyser

Advantages of moving to the new high performance platform include:

  • Wider choice of applications with higher performance across a broad wavelength of 400 – 2400nm
  • Calibrations can be shared across units
  • Better sample handling
  • Networking software link instruments for management by your own experts or via support from FOSS
  • Able to use ISI standardization, for example, instrument standardization to other technologies allows instruments to be used in a NIRSystem II or XDS network
  • More robust instruments that are less sensitive to humidity and dust
  • Internal standards for stability and recalibration - no more product standardization


Advanced monochromotor technology with easy calibration transfer

The innovative design of the NIRS DS 2500 avoids the problems of calibration transferability sometimes associated with NIR instruments. The spectrometer is equipped with internal standards for control of light intensity, bandwidth and wavelength position. Its stability can be validated to ensure that data transfer is continuously seamless, even over time.


Factory standardized instruments provide a stable platform over time

Instruments are factory standardized for quick implementation and the use of readymade calibrations. Instrument Standardization produces a mathematical adjustment which causes the spectra collected on a standardized instrument to match the spectra collected on the Master instrument.

Furthermore, once an instrument has been taken into use, in-built measurement standards help to control its performance to ensure that no deviations occur over time. This keeps continuous control of consistency between instruments and makes it easy to add any new instruments to your operation. Multiple instruments can easily use the same calibrations without any modifications.


Monochromator standardization options

You can recalibrate the monochromator to match other technologies, for example, to use the unit as part of an existing NIRSystem II or XDS network.

From NIRSystem II to NIRS DS 2500: examples

Alternative 1: Keep NIRSystems II as master using NIRSystems II calibration.
Requires: Single sample standardization applied to test set scans on the NIRS DS2500




Alternative 2: Change to NIRS DS2500 master
Requires: NIRSystems II calibration database standardized to NIRS DS2500 by applying single sample standardization. No standardization applied on test set scans from the NIRS DS2500



Alternative 3: Change to NIRS DS2500 master with enhancement
Requires: Enhancement of NIRSystems II calibration database with spectra from NIRS DS2500 without any standardization. No standardization applied on test set scans from NIRS DS2500


We have more examples available for transferring from XDS and InfraXact instruments, please ask your local sales representative using the contact form on the main page

New to NIR?

New to NIR?

Making the most of increasingly expensive raw materials and ensuring final quality of feed and petfood is a top priority for feed producers wanting to keep their competitive edge. Cutting edge NIR technology gives you instant results, enabling you to make immediate adjustments of your feed formula, directly in the production line. New to NIR? We provide the tools to give you a smooth start from day one.

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Invest in the future 


We’ll help you get there

In the last decade, NIR technology has taken a quantum leap in terms of precision, instrument stability,
feed safety screening and usability features. The new generation of NIR instruments are built to withstand
heavy vibration, dust and moisture, allowing you to benefit from results directly in the production
environment, without having to take samples to the lab.


We provide the tools to give you an easy start up with:

  • Rapid instrument setup
  • Ready-to-use calibrations for feed and feed ingredients
  • Software that anybody can use with minimum training
  • Instrument surveillance, software and calibration updates via internet
  • Full service and support


Save time and money in daily operations with fast and reliable analysis of feed and forage samples:

  • Intuitive software and ready to use calibrations with a minimum of training
  • Free trial period of FOSS global calibrations for many types of feedand feed ingredients
  • Flexible use of customised calibrations for multiple parameters (Amino Acids, NDF, AME etc.)


Instrument surveillance ensures consistent performance:

  • Monitor instrument performance with networking software (via internet)
  • Multiple user access: Log in and check results from anywhere
  • Online technical support and maintenance by FOSS NIR experts


Control feed/petfood quality throughout your manufacturing process:

  • Segregate incoming ingredients based on quality, and classify suppliers
  • Optimise feed formulation based on NIR nutrient predictions of stored ingredients
  • Monitor final feed and petfood product quality before it leaves your manufacturing plant


Ready to invest in the future? Get a free trial of feed calibrations 



Free Webinar: What NIR can do for you

Do you want the power to buy better raw material, reduce cost and be more competitive? In this webinar, feed expert Laura Locatelli explains how cutting edge NIR technology can help you to save time and money by making the most of increasingly expensive raw materials.

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The NIRS™ DS2500 F is a monochromator-based NIR reflectance and transflectance analyser. With a scanning range of 850 – 2500 nm, it gives you stable and reliable results when measuring feed and forage samples in ground or unground form. Team up with FOSS to unleash the true potential of NIR technology.

100% compatible

Backwards compatible to the NIRS™ XDS™ and NIRSystemII solutions, the NIRS™ DS2500 F allows you to take the best from your existing calibration data and transfer it quickly and easily to the advanced NIRS™ DS2500 F instrument, offering the best-in-class performance.

Unmatched optical performance

Optimize your feed quality with unmatched analysis performance across a broad wavelength range. Whether you are testing for standard parameters like Protein, Fat, Moisture or more difficult ones like Ash, Amino Acids, Fibers, or Starch, the NIRS™ DS2500 F gives you rapid, reliable analysis results for handling intake, improving production and ensuring final product quality.

Factory Standardized

It’s easy to get started using the NIRS™ DS2500 as every instrument that leaves the factory is hardware standardized. Light intensity, bandwidth and wavelength precision are thoroughly controlled in the final stages of production to ensure complete consistency between instruments.

Purpose Built

Robust, easy-to-use and IP65 certified the NIRS™ DS2500 allows everyone to contribute to quality. Measurements take less than a minute and the instrument is rock solid even when subjected to conditions of damp, dust, vibrations or temperature fluctuations.

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