Dedicated Analytical Solutions

FOSS in brief

About 1,150 employees world wide

Sales and service companies in more than 20 countries

More than 75 dedicated distributors around the world

Headquarters in Denmark

Revenue close to 180 mill. EUR last year

98 percent of FOSS’ business is generated outside Denmark

FOSS today

FOSS develops rapid, reliable and dedicated analytical solutions for routine testing to allow for fast decisions on how to maximise value of production of agricultural food products. 


The Foundation of FOSS

FOSS was founded in 1956 as N. Foss Electric A/S by Nils Foss. His business plan was to automate otherwise time-consuming analytical methods by offering a fast and cost efficient method of analysis - a principle that still holds true today. The first instruments were developed to test moisture in grain. These were followed by analytical solutions for the dairy industry - a major business area for FOSS alongside a growing range of other application areas.

In 1997, FOSS acquired Perstorp Analytical AB, which included Tecator AB and NIRSystems Inc. This added substantial strength in reference analysis methods and in grain, flour and feed.

Nils Foss, founder.



FOSS has more than 50 years of experience as the leading provider of dedicated analytical solutions to maximise value of production of agricultural food products. 


Central Milk Testing


Grain, Milling & Oils

Feed & Forage 











How we add value

FOSS solutions give you full control of your production process every step of the way:


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