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Stop sending flour sample to costly outside labs

Are you spending valuable time and money sending samples to outside labs, and wondering if there's a better and less costly alternative?


Using the latest NIR technology, you will be able to boost yield by giving an accurate measurement of protein and ash in flour. This groundbreaking performance NIR guarantees highly accurate measurements by anyone, anywhere, anytime.


In this 30 minute, complementary webinar you will see how one flour miller was able to:

     - Eliminate outside lab analysis requirements, calibration maintenance, and third party audit

     - Reduce reference method analysis — CNA (decommissioned), Moisture, and Ash Furnace

     - Increase production efficiency

     - Improve customer satisfaction


Click below for this 30 minute ON-DEMAND webinar 

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Ron Lindgren 

Industry Sales Manager - Milling

Ron has 18 years of Milling, Feed, and Petfood industry knowledge, with extensive NIR experience.


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