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In-line Analysis for Poultry Case Study: $150,000 saved annually

chickenIn this webinar, you will learn how in-line analysis saved a mechanically separated poultry producer over $150K annually by significantly reducing sampling error. They were able to reduce high lean giveaway by 10% and eliminate rework.

In-line analysis provides instant accuracy (all <0.5%) for protein, moisture, and fat, simultaneously. Additional labor savings can be found with no more lab analysis or sample handling.

High lean product is more valuable and is currently being given away. Join the webinar to learn how in-line analysis can make a difference at your production facility.

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Sampling Errors

Currently poultry plants run random samples on 2000lbs. combos of product to measure for fat, moisture, and protein. The sample is used for a Certificate of Analysis (COA), of which, the further processor uses to formulate their blends. This sampling can be inconsistent due to sampling error. These errors create problems for both the poultry plant (complaints) and the further processor (wrong formulation on final product).






Todd Schrock

Sales Director, Meat and Dairy





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