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Automated Distillation of Nitrogen and Protein


Watch this webinar to learn how to increase your productivity and lab safety while reducing sample costs with the fully automated Kjeltec Analyzer.

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Tips to Improve Your MilkoScan ™ Performance

Get the maximum benefit from your MilkoScan™ analyzer!  You might be using your MilkoScan™FT120, FT2 or FT1 every day, but are there simple steps to take that will improve your instrument’s performance and accuracy? This webinar will provide you with answers to the most common questions we receive, and will teach you the best practices to make sure your instrument is running at peak performance.

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Increasing Profitability in Petfood

Learn how to dramatically improve your process and increase your petfood yield! This webinar will demonstrate how in-line analysis of moisture, protein and oil in petfood production offers you a degree of accuracy that is not possible with traditional laboratory analysis; leading to increased yield and consistent product quality.

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In-line Analysis for Poultry Case Study: $150,000 saved annually

Learn how in-line analysis can significantly reduce sampling error, giving you a highly accurate measurement for fat, moisture, and protein in percentages. You will also be able to provide feedback to the poultry plant to create the fat percentage combo at the correct specifications.

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Control your moisture and protein in your loading process

grain handlers webinarIn this 30-minute webinar learn how utilizing In-Line NIR technology can help you reduce rework and optimize your loading strategy. You'll be better able to control your inputs to push your product closer to specification, all the while increase your yields without increasing your current raw material cost.

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Stop throwing money away and hit your Protein Targets

Bone meal webinar

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn how to dramatically improve your process and increase your bone meal and fish meal yield.

This webinar will demonstrate how in-line analysis of moisture, protein and fat in production offers you a degree of accuracy that is not possible with other methods; leading to increased yield and improved product quality.

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Stay within specifications for Trim/Blend meat combos

meatThe industry accepts a +/-2% tolerance on specification, but many companies struggle to consistently stay within this tolerance. Out of tolerance combos can cause two key issues for the producer: lean meat giveaway (combo is too lean) or fat claims (combo is too fat).  

Using in-line analysis, you can eliminates fat claims and lean meat giveaway resulting in $1,000,000 in savings year after year. Join this webinar to learn how.

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Improved Accuracy Translates to Huge Profit

It’s crucial for your bottom line profit to have the right analytical solution for your platform control, standardization process, and end product control. Stop spending too much time waiting for samples that are not giving you the highest accuracy in your consumer milk production

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Soy: Bridge the gap between quality and production managers in soy crush facilities

This webinar discusses how companies are using in-line analysis to bridge the gap between Production Managers and Quality Managers, and how that can translate into over $100,000 in annual savings. Join the webinar to learn how.

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Dry Sausage: eliminate lean meat giveaway

sausageThis webinar discusses how in-line analysis reduces the sampling error to zero and gives high accuracy measurements for fat% using proven X-ray technology. Coupled to the X-ray technology is software connected with other equipment to provide automatic blending that will consistently provide blends to specification. 

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Control inconsistent moisture in Dairy Powder production

dairy powderDairy Powder processors need accurate and many quick samples. By sampling quickly and accurately, we have seen a reduction in moisture fluctuation down to only 0.1%. Join this webinar to learn more about how you can control your moisture.

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Take the work out of fat analysis

In this 10 minute on-demand webinar learn how it is now possible to save mass amount of time with the first fully automated Soxhlet system with programmable acid rinse cycles. View this presentation live or on-demand!

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Feed your Profits: Bring Feed Ingredient Concentration closer to Target

feed webinarIf you are relying on historical data for formulation, then this webinar is for you.  It will teach you real time techniques to feed formulation, maximizing profits and getting your product to market in a timely manner.  All of this combined translates into increased profitability.

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Seamlessly measure Pork Bellies

PORK BELLIESThis webinar provides a look into real belly metrics (150,000 bellies in data base) and how they affect the slice yield.  We will also discuss how to get the right belly to the right product, every single time.  By sorting on dimensional metrics and fat%, yield gains have been achieved resulting in more than $1,000,000 in savings year over year.  

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Reduce your butter production process variance

butterIn today's market, success can be measured by how efficiently you use your raw materials. 

For butter production, being able to standardize fat in-line is now allowing producers a greater degree of accuracy. This has never been possible with a traditional laboratory control system, offering you unique profit improvements.

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New MilkoScan FT1 enhanced for yoghurt and other viscous products


Learn how dairy producers can save time with one instrument for viscous products, reducing the use of reference analysis and increasing quality assurance and traceability.

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Standardization TS and Protein in the Greek Yogurt and Cream Cheese

greek yogurt

In today's market situation you can only be successful if you use your raw materials in an optimal way. In-line standardization of TS and Protein in the Greek Yogurt and Cream Cheese production offers you an optimization of your process to an degree of accuracy that is never possible with the traditional laboratory control system and will offer you unique profit improvement opportunities.

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Save time and money with automated fat analysis


Learn how to recent developments in laboratory analysis have turned manual handlings of acids and solvents into an automated batch process, as well as how lab throughput increase considerably with an innovative integration of hydrolysis and solvent extraction steps including a seamless sample transfer.

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Calcium Results in 50 Seconds

FOSS has developed a Calcium calibration for the FoodScan. The ease of use allows you to get analytical value quickly to make adjustments while the batch or process is live. Learn how you can get Calcium results 44 minutes faster than manual titration and save over $100,000 annually on sampling costs and improved fat usage.

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Speed up Production with Rapid SO2

Learn how a local wine producers has saved more than $100,000 annually and using rapid SO2 analysis to produce more consistent and higher quality wine while increasing productivity.  

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Mozzarella: How much is inconsistency costing you?

mozzarellaMost Mozzarella cheese makers see the high fluctuations in moisture control on the cooker/stretcher but are not able to make changes quickly because samples need to be sent to the lab and analyzed. Learn how to get exceptional accuracy for moisture and fat simultaneously withoutthe hassel of lab analysis. 

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WPC/MPC Producer Improves Yield, Quality and Profit with In-Line Analysis

wpc powderIn-line analysis provides you with real time measurements, which allow you to reduce process variation by 50% and move your target significantly closer to the specs. Learn how a leading WPC Manufacturer reduced the average PDB content by 1.36%, resulting in an increased yield of 190,000 lbs. 

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Put your equipment AND your money to work for you

Learn about the flexible options available to you and the benefits of financing versus cash outlay or a bank line of credit. Also find out about Section 179 Tax Benefits that have been enhanced with new, higher tax deductions on capital equipment.

At FOSS we are committed to being your partner, every step of the way. Join this webinar to learn more.

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MeatMaster™ II: Save with integrated in-line meat analysis

In this webinar we will look at how producers can make these savings through greater control of trimmings, foreign object detection and standardization of the fat content in the mixer, to ensure optimal raw material use in products such as burgers and sausages.

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Soxtec 8000 - Hydrolysis reinvented

In this webinar we will demonstrate how seamless sample transfer within a fully automated process can not only reduce risks of erroneous results but also considerably improve lab throughput.

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Are you giving away protein during whole grain production?

When you feed your mill, you often need to blend wheat of different grades to make product targets. The higher protein grades cost more and yet you don’t necessarily get more for the higher protein flour produced. If you can’t measure your protein in production you can’t control it. Learn how to facilitate a level of control over your inputs that was not possible until now and stop giving away free protein!

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Case Study: NIR Technology saving flour millers $180,000

Find out about the different NIR technologies that contributed to a savings of $180,000 annually while confidently measuring moisture, ash, and protein. 

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Save $100,000 with improved Wine analysis

30 minute webinar on how wine producers have been able to same over $100,000 annually with improved wine analysis.

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