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Image analysis for objective quality assessment of whole grain

The world’s first image analysis instrument suitable for the objective quality assessment of whole grain helps you to assess incoming grain quickly with greater consistency and with less strain on operations during the busy harvest season. Assess grain quality objectively at the press of a button and monitor your grain receival network from anywhere at any time.

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Un-millable material, small foreign seeds, stained grain, pink grains, frosted, sprouted. Type 7B seeds (barley, oats, wild oats, saia oats, triticale, cereal rye, bindweed, turnip seed, speargrass).


Small foreign seeds, radish pods, spotted mould affected, germ end stained, skinned, distorted. Type 6 seeds (wheat, triticale, cereal rye). Type 7A seeds (oats, wild oats, black/brown oats, speargrass).
Pour grain into the grain analyser

Faster receival – just pour and press a button

The EyeFoss will take the same amount of time to assess grain whether it is of poor quality or not. Just pour in the sample and read the result - no sample preparation or pre-screening required and with a low maintenance and easy to clean solution the instrument is robust to harsh receival-stand environments.

Faster grain receival

More consistent quality assessment - fewer disputes

With EyeFoss™, you get an objective quality assessment that gives a fairer assessment for all growers with an objective measurement of all common grain defects and foreign material – from ryegrass to lupins. With full network capability – all instruments performing the same with calibration and software updates made by an expert user via the internet.

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