Dedicated Analytical Solutions

For use by: Large wine producers and analytical service laboratories

Technology: Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR)

Typical testing volume: > 50 samples per day

Local support worldwide

FOSS is present in all major wine regions around the world. Our international experience and local presence enables us to deliver unrivalled knowledge and support to your doorstep.

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WineScan™ SO2

All-in-one wine analysis

Since its introduction in 1999 WineScan™ has revolutionized rapid routine wine analysis for winemakers and laboratories around the world providing fast and accurate analysis of over 30 critical quality control parameters. WineScan can be configured with or without the SO2 feature. Latest news: The new WineScan SO2 features rapid, integrated measurement of free and total sulphur dioxide analysis.

See how WineScan™ works

WineScan™ makes consistent quality a matter of routine.

Secure quality control at all stages

“One of the benefits with WineScan is the very low operating cost…the cost of chemicals is almost zero…they are extremely robust and reliable instruments” – Andy Frost, Manager Hear more about how Pernod Richard in New Zealand uses Winescan’s to secure quality control at all stages.

SO2 completes the picture

Quality controllers at Portugal’s Adega Borba winery have always made good use of routine analysis technology in the production of their many vintages. Now the technology has been extended to include rapid tests of that all important parameter - sulphur dioxide (S02). The breakthrough in routine testing is allowing complete control of the winemaking process and a more rational use of SO2 in line with legal and consumer demands.

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Improve operations and logistic with WineScan

“I believe WineScan is the right solution for a large winery like ours… Savings in reagents is a huge advantage”. Fabiola Matamala, Lab Manager, Concha Y Toro.

Versatile solution

WineScan™ is available with free and total SO2 analysis. WineScan™ is also available in three main configurations to address different wine making problems.

WineScan™ from vinyard to bottle

How WineScan™ is used to ensure consistent quality year in, year out.

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Central configuration, support and surveillance

Mosaic™ networking software from FOSS lets your specialist team configure, manage and monitor your FOSS equipment via the Internet.

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New revolution: WineScan features sulphur dioxide analysis

The new WineScan SO2 features fast and accurate analysis of free and total sulphur dioxide simultaneously with other parameters in just one minute.

Accurate information during wine fermentation

With WineScan™ you can test a variety of sample types, including must, must during the fermentation process and finished wine. Suitable for use at the weighbridge or in the laboratory, WineScan gives accurate wine analysis results for a wide range of parameters.

Customized WineScan™

WineScan™ is delivered with a variety of ready-to-use calibrations for analysis of must, must during the fermentation process or finished wine. And if you need further calibrations, our WinISI calibration tool can help you configure them.

WineScan™ technology

WineScan™ incorporates a Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) wine analysis unit and an optional VIS Colour unit. New models will also include the option of an SO2 unit. This consists of a gas cuvette in which the evaporated SO2 is measured using FTIR technology.

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