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Hydrotec™ 8000 & SoxCap™ 2047

Integrated hydrolysis in Fat Analysis

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Wherever you are, you can rely on FOSS

More than 30 000 laboratories around the world use a FOSS solution for their daily chemical analysis work.  Our systems are supported by more than 250 detailed applications and local expertise worldwide.

FOSS service and support

More than just an instrument, FOSS solutions are supported by a global network of more than 250 highly trained service engineers.

FOSS Support

Water, soils and plants

Foss offers the Kjeltec for automated Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) determination.  Other chemistries, such as Cyanides, Phenols and Devarda’s reduction can also be performed. 

Dialogue key

CasesDialogue key for laboratory services

The right equipment and close dialogue about analysis results ensures effective laboratory service.

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CasesDetermination of nitrogen content in rice leaves

The taste of rice is deeply related to its protein content which is affected by the nitrogen content of the soil and fresh rice leaves.

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Efficient nutrient testing

CasesEfficient nutrient management using NIR for recirculation of liquid farm fertilizer

NIR makes the process of manure analysis simpler and quicker thus helping to develop effective nutrient management and reduce environmental impact.

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Documented accuracy

Traditional soil analysis and water analysis based on manual wet chemistry is labour intensive, tedious and time consuming. For today’s busy laboratory automated testing systems that generate rapid and well-documented results are essential for quality environmental management.

Assurance and qualifications in soil analysis

To support your compliance with governmental bodies and Quality Assurance program, FOSS offers documentation for equipment qualification covering installation and operational qualification (IQ/OQ) as well as performance qualification (PQ). Furthermore, our wide variety of application sub notes will support the internal development of SOPs.

Versatile analysis based on approved reference methods

Many of our validated application notes for laboratory tests on food, feed, soil, plants, water and beverages are based on reference methods, officially approved by ISO, AOAC, IDF, EPA.

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