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FOSS - a reliable partner in the wine industry

In less than a decade, FOSS has revolutionised wine analysis by providing rapid and reliable analytical solutions for all critical control points in the commercial wine making process.

What’s your return on investment?

Discover cost saving possibilities and new ways to improve wine quality with rapid wine analysis. Your local FOSS representative will help you find the right solution for your business.

Local support worldwide

FOSS is present in all major wine regions around the world. Our international experience and local presence enables us to deliver unrivalled knowledge and support to your doorstep.

FOSS Support

Wine Analysis - Valuable information through the process

FOSS solutions for wine analysis help wine makers at all stages of wine production – from measuring grape soundness and maturity at harvest time through the fermentation process to key wine specifications before bottling. Latest news: The new WineScan SO2 features rapid, integrated measurement of free and total sulphur dioxide analysis.

SO2 completes the picture

Quality controllers at Portugal’s Adega Borba winery have always made good use of routine analysis technology in the production of their many vintages. Now the technology has been extended to include rapid tests of that all important parameter - sulphur dioxide (S02). The breakthrough in routine testing is allowing complete control of the winemaking process and a more rational use of SO2 in line with legal and consumer demands.

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FOSS partners with Gusmer to tackle the Wine market


Building on the successful partnership with the sales and service of the OenoFossTM wine analsis platform, FOSS and Gusmer Enterprises, Inc. have decided to expand their partnership. Beginning February 1st.

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Neil Van Kooten, owner of Integral Laboratories talks about his experience with WineScan.

“The user friendliness is fantastic – it is very easy to give the wine maker that feedback and say you need to focus on these areas, on these batches” – Hear more about Integral Lab’s experience with high sample throughput and freeing up resources with the WineScan Auto.


We are calmer because we work with more precision

Small‐scale producers of quality wine in Burgundy have shared the investment in a Winescan. They enjoy unlimited use of a state‐of‐the‐art wine analyzer for under $1,000. a year with associated benefits including improved knowledge and decision‐making.

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You can see problems arising and take action.

Winemaker Richie Allen explains how even a super league winery can benefit from a handy new wine analyzer taking up no more bench space than a shoebox.

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Smarter wine production

Whether you are a small winemaker, large bottling plant or independent wine analysis lab we can provide the wine analysis methods and solutions you need to be able to make the right decisions about harvesting, production and bottling.

Increase profitability

Investing in instruments for rapid wine analysis is an investment in opportunities and risk reduction. Continuous measurement and on-the-spot results helps
    • optimize harvest time
    • avoid stuck fermentation and downgrading of tanks 
    • avoid increases in volatile acidity in barrels

Perfect for the busy wine analysis laboratory

The frequent and accurate analysis results from FOSS FTIR technology help to make decisions throughout the wine making process from must measurements to finished wine.

Pre-calibrated solutions

Ready-to-use calibrations help you to get instant reliable results.

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