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Foss offers many options to assist in reducing down-time such as:

Customer Maintenance Kits includes critical parts to keep on hand.

User and Maintenance Training Each training course includes instrument specific user and maintenance instruction, and all participants have the opportunity to become certified maintenance providers for their respective FOSS instruments.

Trade-in Programs are offered depending on the age of the instruments and whether it is a Foss system or one of our competitors. A Foss instrument that is 7 years old can be traded-in with a 10% discount on a new system; if it is 8-14 years old the discount is 7.5% and if you kept your Foss instrument running for over 15 years we will still give you a 5% trade-in discount off a replacement. Slightly lower discounts are offered when you trade-in a non-Foss instrument.

FOSS also offers an exchange parts program, allowing you to return your worn part to FOSS in exchange for a factory refurbished part for a fraction of the price of a new one. This allows your instrument to continue operating with genuine FOSS parts, while keeping maintenance costs low. This program is available to all customers who use original FOSS parts and certified FOSS Service Engineers for maintenance.

FossCare™ Support Plans for each of our instruments ensure continued reliability.

Features include:

10% off Consumables: Select consumable items and reagents offered at a 10% discount.

Scheduled Visits: Scheduled visits from a knowledgeable FOSS engineer will secure a higher degree of process accuracy and optimized equipment performance. Ensure cost effectiveness by allowing FOSS engineers to make sure your instruments are running at peak performance.

Calibration Development: Receive a discount on expert calibration development support to help when developing new applications. Lower your costs now by planning for calibration and application improvements in the future.

And more… offers an alternative to calling into to our customer service line to order commonly used items for your FOSS solution. Available on the e-shop are consumables parts, and cleaning solutions, as well as spare parts and accessories designed for use with FOSS analytical solutions.

FOSS Engineers and Parts Having a certified FOSS Engineer who is licensed, bonded, & insured in your state, is something we take pride in being able to offer our customers. In addition to maintaining your instruments efficiency & uptime, you also have access to FOSS certified factory parts and service. You will also have the benefit of exchange parts pricing to help keep cost down.

Scheduled maintenance With optimizing the performance, longevity, and cost of ownership of your FOSS instruments as our top priority our Customer Management & Service Engineers are working harder than ever to see to it that our customers are being taken care of. We will continue to be in contact to stay on top of your Preventative Maintenance needs. Scheduled maintenance assures you will have a service date assigned to you, and have someone there for your PM visits when you need them.

Find us on LinkedIn FOSS has created user groups on LinkedIn to act as a forum for customers to ask questions and to learn how you can get the most out of your FOSS software and instruments. Click here to join the FOSS ISIscanTM and MilkoScanTM user groups. Also check out our FOSS company profile to keep up-to-date with all the latest FOSS news.

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